Involving and empowering others

Today, let’s focus on developing a positive, productive culture from a leading position, so you can involve more others than as an individual positive agent. How could you work with your team or organization?


By involving – I mean inviting others. A positive, productive culture is built on intrinsic motivation and its energy. People contribute because they are energized by the shared purpose and meaning, the positive climate with a focus on strengths and what is life-giving, by the collaboration and challenge of learning and autonomy. That’s what makes people want to share their best ideas and efforts. That’s why they want to come in to work.

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Mandatory activities are not the best way to muster the energy you need, even though, sometimes, there is no other way to expose people to your ideas. The principle, however, is to avoid this whenever possible and to invite and entice. Work with those who are ready, able and willing – and eventually the others will join, too.


Gretchen Spreitzer and Aneil Mishra’s research found that people need five elements to feel empowered:
Sense of personal competence – “I can”
Personal choice – “I may choose”
Having an impact – “I matter”
Value in activity – “I love it”
Security – “I’m safe and okay”

That’s your focus as a leader. With that in mind, you enhance the four elements of a positive, productive culture: Positive awareness, Shared purpose and meaning , Connection and collaboration, and Learning and autonomy.

“Positive leaders are committed to finding and amplifying what works well in their organizations. They help to create elevated purpose for the whole, and help individuals find meaning in their work. They foster energizing relationships. They act with integrity and compassion”, as Chris White, managing director of the Center for Positive Organizations, summarizes your job.

How can you do that for your team?

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