This year’s best leadership articles

All of a sudden the year draws to a close. It went fast! What did you learn? What did you love? What energized you? What would you like more of?

This year’s best articles on Positive Leadership might inspire you for a New, Positive work year ahead.

The best Positive Leadership Articles

Positive Energizers

Some people lift you up while others wear you out. Who are the positive energizers in your workplace? How can you collaborate with them? They make a difference as research shows.

I love Liberating Structures

If you want extraordinary meetings, I recommend the Liberating Structures (LS), developed by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless. They can work wonders and engage everyone.

Involving and Empowering Others

How could you involve and empower others? Research shows people need 5 elements to feel empowered. They also like to be invited and not forced. How could you do that?

How could I develop a Positive Culture?

What kind of organizational culture would people want if they had a magic wand? And did you know that those wishes are universal? And that they align with research about what is needed for high performance?

Love in the Workplace

Is your workplace positive and loving? All positive organizations practice love. Moreover, fresh research shows that employees who feel love perform better. Let’s see what love can do for a positive culture and performance.

The Courage to Speak up

Does your culture need courage? You often need courage to speak up for what you value. What do you say or do when a co-worker is not valued…?

What is the way we do things around here?

Check your culture for these behaviors. Start doing things differently, if you want to develop a more positive and productive culture.

Amplify what is working Well

What is working well? Do you appreciate that enough? If you focus on problems to solve, your team might be mediocre. Have you considered amplifying what is working well? Read these examples of what is working well. What about your workplace?

I hope this list is helpful! Keep shining.

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  1. Luigi Vendittelli

    Thank you for everything you do, you contribute to a better work day.

    1. Marcella Bremer

      I’m glad that my work inspires you! I hope you inspire your co-workers, Luigi.

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