Why would you develop personal positive power?

As mentioned, you will achieve more and feel better by choosing a positive mindset of possibilities. Focusing on what you can control and changing yourself will bring peace of mind and positive energy. That in itself is reason enough to develop your personal positive power.

Being the change you want to see is the most compelling way to help others change Share on X

The second reason to develop your PPP is to influence others (eventually, your team and organization) in a positive way.

When you change an (inter)action, you’ll make the other person think, and may inspire them to try new behaviors too, or respond differently because you are acting differently.
This is very compelling – and may influence others to try new, positive beliefs and behaviors.

Being the Change

Why would you develop personal positive power?

Being the change you want to see – is the most compelling way to help others change.

Even though it starts small and nearly invisible, something is stirred. If it takes on, the new “vibe” will spread and grow stronger.

First you inspire one other, then another, and so on. Or you start off with a few other positive agents.

I try to use this in culture change projects: when a number of committed individuals change certain behaviors, it becomes easier for the others to copy these behaviors. It may evolve into the new “way we do things around here”. That’s what Leandro Herrero calls viral change (in his book Viral Change).

You will achieve more and feel better by choosing a positive mindset of possibilities Share on X

That’s how you can make a positive difference, regardless of your position. This means you don’t have to be the boss to make this work.

As a leader or a team member?

Sometimes it’s easier as a leader. People have a tendency to look at authority figures to get an idea of what is expected “good behavior”. As a leader, you are visible, you are a role-model, and you have formal power to make others do things – and to coach or correct them if they don’t.

But because of your formal power to force others, a leadership position may be more suspect. There’s a power distance between a leader and the team, however small. People may be wary of your motives, or they might fake change to please you but they don’t really agree…

If you make a positive change as one of the colleagues on the team, people will notice when you persevere. They may be less cautious and more open to your new behaviors than if you were their boss. You can make a huge difference in the work lives of your coworkers if you become your best self with a positive mindset…
You might notice that people love to work with you, ask your advice, include you in initiatives, and so on. Positive people energize others.

Through this systemic ripple effect, organizations will change their (inter)actions and thus how they contribute to the world.

The Ripple Effect

Leaders and employees will take their positive mindset, their respectful communication styles, and their positive agency home to inspire families, neighborhoods and communities.

Don’t underestimate this ripple effect. Systemic, societal and organizational change are always preceded by personal change. Big change happens because key people change their minds and hearts – and when enough people do, there’s a tipping point and the change becomes “the new normal”.

If your inner critic jumps up to discard this idea right away – keep reading. A fierce inner response may indicate that this matters to you… I’ll get back about this.

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If you’re confused – please start with post #1 or check the Positive Power overview and read the Positive Agent Manifesto.

Leaders, employees, consultants, citizens – everyone can make a positive difference from any position, without needing permission or resources from others. This blog will help you see positive possibilities and (re)claim your positive agency. Unstuck yourself and engage others via your interaction and actions. Transform into a positive organization where people and performance thrive.

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