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Engagement, Agility, Connection, Results?

Do you need to change the organization where you work? Would you like a more positive culture? Do you need your team to be more engaged, innovative, competitive, agile, and productive?

Then get started! Contribute to a positive culture where people and performance thrive.

You can start positive change, regardless of your position or role, without needing permission or resources. With the Interaction Interventions that I developed, you engage with the others and bring back the ideas and energy that you and your team need to thrive and excel at the same time.

But how

Can you do it with your team?

My book “Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive” describes how to do so, based on renowned research and with hands-on tips to apply what you read. The Positive Culture Academy goes further. The Academy focuses on you and how you can be the change you wish to see on your team. The Academy is for Positive Agents, be they leaders, middle managers or other professionals.

Together, we’ll work on developing a positive and productive culture in your organization. The Positive Culture Academy is the How-To for you and your team.

The curriculum consists of:

About 20 video lectures

Individual assignments

Checklists and materials

Live sessions with me

Individual coaching and consulting with me (optional)

Enroll in the Positive Culture Academy as an individual or choose the In-Company Academy for your team or organization.


Positive Agent Manifesto

  • I choose positivity, with a focus on possibilities.
  • I look to find the positive potential in a situation or a person and amplify what is already working well.
I develop and apply kindness and compassion – I aim to bring my best Self forward.
I am responsible for my actions and interactions.
  • What I do, matters to the world.
I make a difference without needing permission or resources from others.
I empower myself and engage with others to work on positive change.
I aim to be the change I wish to see.
Everyone and everything is connected.
  • Every act contributes to a world and workplaces where all people can thrive.

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