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Workplaces that matter

What if we worked in a workplace where we matter? You and your team would engage, innovate, contribute, and give your best! The world would look different if we all did.

I was once doing time between 8 AM and 6 PM in an office building to pay my bills. I didn’t think I could make a difference over there. What a stark contrast with my earlier position where I brimmed with energy because my work mattered, my colleagues were great and I was learned so much. But that had been in a temporary project that ended.

Do you

Hate Mondays?

I started to yearn for Fridays. Do you suffer, survive or thrive at work? I quit my job before it became suffering because I didn’t know how to do something about it. I could not endure it any longer though my colleagues stayed put and obeyed the clock…

But then I discovered it’s not just employees. Managers might also not know how to achieve more pleasure and performance at work, how to thrive in work time. As a consultant, I once worked with some bright middle managers that kept repeating that higher management would torpedo all initiatives so their hands were tied. They told me that working with them was a waste of time and they wanted me to either change their bosses or let their employees work harder. But they couldn’t change anything about their teams, let alone the whole organization.

I then worked with the top executives who were worn out because their organization wouldn’t move. They couldn’t change anything and made the best of their long days.

Are you

a Positive Agent, too?

Should we all quit our jobs when we’re just “doing time”? That might not be necessary. Would you like to change the organization where you work? Do you long for a more positive culture? Do you need your team to be more engaged, innovative, competitive, agile, and productive? If so, let’s retrieve your personal positive power.

You can do something about it, regardless of your position or role, without needing permission or resources. I developed Interaction Interventions to engage with the others at work and to bring back the ideas and energy that you and your team need to thrive. That will make you a “positive agent”!

only  % of people feel engaged at work

Are you ready

To be the Change?

Worldwide, only 13% of people feel engaged at work. 87% is doing time to pay the bills. I know how that feels, and you might too.

Imagine the potential that is left unused! Not just in monetary terms, but the loss of inspiration, innovation, energy, collaboration and health. We can’t afford not to use this potential. Our global, societal and organizational challenges are tremendous and we need everyone’s ideas and energy to solve them. Moreover, people take their positive agency from work back home where it spreads to their spouses, children, and the community.
But if your current focus is just improving your organization or team performance, that’s fine too. Let’s upgrade our workplaces.

“I help leaders, and employees, consultants, and coaches to make a difference with positive leadership, culture and positive change. We can thrive at work if we retrieve our positive agency. We can help change our workplaces, engage the others, and make that difference.”

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Enroll in the online Positive Culture Academy and change your workplace.

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