Can your smile make a difference?

All 7 billion people together are continuously changing the world. You and me, the readers of this blog, we can decide to be positive agents who aim for positive change. One small act at a time, we’ll influence others and send positive ripples through our global system.

Now that you know you make a difference and that you cannot always know how exactly because of the non-linear nature of our connected global system – you may want to increase your positive impact. But how?

You can’t go around smiling at people, and claim that you contribute to the world and create positive change, can you? Surely, something more substantial is needed than spreading smiles and being kind?

We need a new mindset

Yes, we need more, such as a new mindset with new decisions and behaviors and institutional change. But nothing will really change until you personally embody the change.

All big steps and efforts to save the world will reflect the ideas and energy of those who develop and do these actions.

The quality of results achieved by any system depends on the quality of awareness from which people in the system operate – as Otto Scharmer (MIT) discovered in his research for Theory U.

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If activists defy hierarchy but they are not aware of how hierarchy and power are embedded in their subconscious minds – they may repeat those same hierarchical systems once they themselves have risen to power. They will simply switch roles and become the establishment while others will embody the activist energy that defies authority.

By the way, while we’re contemplating how to make a difference – the world is hungry and warming up. Your team is waiting and you should make money. Quick, get up and DO something!

Doing is the habit of the western world. As activists would say to spiritual people who aim to change the world: Get off your meditation cushion and do something!

But without deep work on yourself, how can you avoid re-creating your own internalized oppression in all that you do? What will the quality of your actions be?

Spiritual people would say to the activist: first BE the change you want to see in the world. Just work on yourself and the world around you will change – through the quantum field, through small things that turn out to be huge.

This is an example that Charles Eisenstein shares in his book “The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”.

We need to Be and we need to Do, but both at the right time

Transformation needs personal change. Personal change starts with awareness. Awareness starts “small” but can have big outcomes – like a seed that first grows firm, invisible roots before reaching toward the sun, out of the soil.

Transformation needs personal change. Personal change starts with awareness Click To Tweet

Personal change is the critical condition for big steps and institutional change to succeed. That’s why we shouldn’t underestimate “something simple” like spreading smiles for starters.

By the way – I dare you to genuinely smile like the Buddha. It isn’t simple at all. (Can you do it when you see someone or something that represents a characteristic that you don’t like?)

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