Positive Energizers

Individually, you can influence people to be more positive. When you do this in a conscious effort with a group, not only can you influence more others but you can also support each other. We all have doubts, or lack courage every now and then. A team can help you persist.


So who are the others that can help you develop a positive, productive culture? Research labels them “positive energizers” as Kim Cameron describes in his books Positive Leadership and Practicing Positive Leadership.

Baker, Cross, and Wooten showed that people can be classified as energizers or energy drains. Energizers stimulate vitality in others; by interacting with energizers, others feel motivated and inspired. Energy givers are optimistic, attentive, reliable, and unselfish. They attract others.


Energy drains, on the other hand, reduce good feelings and enthusiasm in others. They absorb energy and weaken or tire others, reducing motivation. Studies show that energy drains are critical, inflexible, selfish, and unreliable. You might know them from personal experience: coworkers you tend to avoid because they are always complaining, criticizing every new idea with negative arguments, and not getting involved in anything.

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Energizing is an acquired talent, not a character trait. For example, there is no correlation between giving energy and being an introvert or an extrovert. It is possible to learn how to become an energizer, regardless of your nature.

Who are they?

You probably know a few. They radiate like suns, cheer you up, and you like being in their company. They are the candle that lights the room. I remember one of my employees (when I had started my own company) was a positive energizer even though she had a fairly simple position. She elevated me with her positive take on things and her faith that, eventually, something good would come from something bad even when I felt pessimistic. I never experienced her as naive but as uplifting. She was open to new ideas, respectful about other people, hopeful that bad turns had a meaning. I liked being in her presence. Simple as that.

Who are the positive energizers in your workplace? How can you collaborate with them and spread healthy positive vibes?

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