Valentines at work

Hey, Valentines. We were talking about meetings on this blog but, this week, we’ll make the workplace kinder. Let’s spread some “Valentines” at work.

Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness are the easiest way to develop a more positive culture at work. You can do them anonymously – and on the go. It fits any culture type.

But if people question your motives or mock your good deeds with “Sliming your way up?” calmly explain that you’ve decided to spread positivity from now on and that you try to live your values. Most people will stop ridiculing after this explanation. Be authentic and make sure you mean it. Do you need courage to do so? Sometimes. But mostly, people will love it when you:

Hold the door open for them and greet them
Fetch them coffee
Bake a cake and bring it to the meeting
Share fresh fruits at work
Invite someone new to lunch.
Leave a treat on the desk of a coworker
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Write or make something encouraging for a colleague with difficulties
Lend out great books you’ve read
Help an overworked colleague with some tasks.
Place a flower on the desk of your coworkers.
Refrain from negative talk; concentrate on the positive.
Be generous with compliments and thank-you’s.
Remember birthdays and celebrate them

Those are just a few examples of kindness. More suggestions are easy to find on Google. I hope you’ll do it this week! See this as your Valentine project at work. Go spread some love and see what happens….

I can’t wait to read your comments. How did it go?

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