Positive Power Overview – Part Three

Here’s the overview of the third part of my book: “Positive Power at Work – How to make a positive difference from any position.”

Are you able, willing and ready to be a Positive Agent? Part Three explores the personal preparation that we might need to do before we can make a positive difference. Why is that? If we don’t heal our hurts and hinders, we might project our fears onto others, we might not see clearly and it may be harder to be genuine and authentic.

You can make a positive difference from any position, without needing permission or resources from others. This book will help you see positive possibilities and (re)claim your positive agency. Unstuck yourself and engage others with your interaction and actions. Transform into a positive organization where people and performance thrive.

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Positive Power Overview of Posts, Part 3

Are you willing, able and ready?

Let’s become whole so that we can be true positive agents. Dare you?

What do you love to do?

What you love to do contains your gift to the world regardless of your role.

How well do you know yourself?

When are you at your best? Check out your Best Possible Self.

What is your purpose?

Your Why is worth the discomfort when you deviate from the norm. What is your purpose?

What is your emotion ratio?

Do you experience three positive emotions for every negative emotion? If so, you might be at your best…

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude has been found to increase individual and group performance…. Try some!

Do you recognize these five fears?

Have you healed your hurts and hinders? How can you become whole?

What is your vulnerability?

You can train your shame resilience by embracing your vulnerability.

How authentic can you be?

The more authentic the more courageous you can be to make a difference.

How is your energy?

Managing energy, not time, is the key to high performance.

What does your body say?

We cannot embody positivity if we ignore the body. What does your body tell you?

How do I relate to others?

Do you see them as equal people or as objects? That makes a huge difference…

Do you engage in drama?

The “drama triangle”, described by psychologist Stephen Karpman, needs the roles of a prosecutor, a victim, and a rescuer. Which one is your favorite?

Do others still bother you?

Are you holding yourself to the same standards as you are demanding of them? Are you treating others right?

Be the Positive Change you wish to see at work

I hope to inspire as many people as possible with the message of Positive Power. Thank you for spreading positivity. You can help me spread it further by liking, sharing, and commenting on my Positive Power posts.

By the way, if you want to contribute to a positive workplace culture, my next open workshop on Positive Culture Change Leadership is scheduled for September 2018! More information and registration is available at a first come first serve basis.

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