The best on culture and leadership – 2019

It’s time to wind down, take care of yourself, and rekindle the relationships with friends and family. If you like to spend some December downtime on reflection, reading, and recharging, read the seven best leadership articles of this past year. What will you do next year? Which one inspires you to action?

#1 How Culture boosts Performance

Organizational culture is your cutting edge, and a positive culture boosts performance! Are you willing to make 2019 your most positive and productive year to date? Check what you can start doing today.

#2 The Cost of a Toxic Culture

Organizational culture can cost you! Is your organization just tough, or also toxic? The annual damage to productivity is shocking, as research shows. Developing the culture can quickly grow productivity, on the other hand. Can you afford to not invest in culture?

#3 Leaders as Hero, Servant, Host

What would happen if you saw your next project as a party with you as the host? It would feel more like fun, and the results of this “party” could amaze you. The positive leader is a host.

#4 Gratitude, Contribution, and Abundance

Gratitude, contribution to others, and positive relationships create an Abundance Culture. If you think that’s touchy-feely research, read this real-life positive case about Prudential Financial.

#5 Leadership: Progress, not Perfection

Do you put the bar too high? Do you tend to be a perfectionist instead of a positive (self) leader? Help yourself and others focus on the progress you make.

#6 How Power impacts your team

The Lens of Power distorts how others see us and how we see others with a different social rank. Power abuse happens when you over-use or under-use it. A positive leader is aware of power and its impact. Discover how you tend to use your power.

#7 Hack the Culture with Micro Changes

Micro-changes can be very effective to influence the culture. What are small things that you can do on a daily basis that speak louder than words? Here’s how one of my clients “hacked” the culture.

Happy Holidays to all of you! May 2020 be your best year yet.

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