Webinar: How positive is your impact?

Do you need your team or organization to be more innovative, agile, productive, and engaging? Then helping them develop a more positive culture is something to seriously consider. But wait a minute. Wouldn’t that require a huge culture program?

Well, maybe not! What if you could start small, and today? Research and practice show that Interaction Interventions influence your team and organization. What you say or ask contributes to a more positive culture, regardless of your position, without needing permission or resources. So, what could you personally do to help your co-workers or organization be (more) positive? How could you start small, and go viral?

That’s what my new book Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive is all about. Have you ordered your copy yet? (It’s only 14 USD right now!)

This will be the topic of my free webinar on March 15. Join me and let’s find out how positive your impact currently is, and how you could amplify that!

What’s your positivity quotient?

The latest research and practice show that a positive culture “broadens and builds” organizations. People who feel positive and purposeful, who are learning and supporting, will be more productive, collaborative, innovative and ready to change. You can start a positive spiral – and that has nothing to do with happy hour.

The clue is to “catch” and influence culture on a daily basis: where and when it happens. Not in abstract values, but in daily interactions! That’s why I developed Interaction Interventions to apply regardless of your position. You can engage your whole team or organization and eventually develop a vibrant workplace where people have a positive mindset, collaborate, learn and take ownership, and are fueled by a shared purpose. So, what’s your positivity quotient?

Positive Culture Webinar

If you want to learn more, attend my webinar on March 15, 2018!

Register here for March 15, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT, organized by the International Society for Organization Development & Change

Online Positive Culture Academy

That’s also what we work on in the online Positive Culture Academy (accredited for 24 continued education points by SHRM). The Spring class of the online Positive Culture Academy starts April 2nd and takes 14 weeks until July 15th. Each week, you’ll get some video lectures, questions, and individual assignments. You’ll support and be supported by a partner, contribute to our closed dialogue group, and attend the Class conference calls. Estimated workload 2 hours per week. Enrollment is at the lowest possible rate until March 26. Individuals can enroll here until March 26

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Pilot Academy for teams and co-workers

If you want more leverage, why not enroll with your team? Or join with a few other co-workers who want to develop a more positive and productive culture!

The question is: how much positivity can you hold? Do you settle for okay, or do you reach for going beyond average to “positive deviance” or high performance?

People might settle for average. One team manager told me: My team doesn’t need this. Really? Wouldn’t you want more results and more satisfaction at work? If there’s a relatively easy way to get there, why not take on the journey?

Okay, there are a few reasons to do it not now. That is if the team is near exhaustion from working too hard (even though that’s when you’d need it the most) or if it has turned so toxic that you need to intervene to rebuild basic trust first. But, in all other cases: bring it on. Even a good team can become great! I’ve never met a team who couldn’t use some extra positive vibes. Did you?

This is a pilot for teams only. The Spring 2018 class runs from April 2 until July 15. That’s soon, and there’s limited space. Send me an email if you’re interested.

In the Academy, we’ll work on how to engage your team and organization with “Interaction Interventions” so that people and performance can start to thrive. We offer 14 weeks of interactive training with video lectures, assignments, partner work, a dialogue group, and conference calls. Workload: 1-2 hours per week, depending on how much you want to do and whether you go for certification.

Check out the curriculum and download the information leaflet here.

Criteria for acceptance to the team pilot:

1. The team is not toxic but could use some help.
2. You are not a team of consultants, coaches, trainers, or HR people.
3. You’re willing and able to engage with the course and apply what you learn at work.
4. You’re open to sharing your experiences with me and give some feedback.

The fee per team member is only $ 39. This is a one-time opportunity.

Teams or co-workers: please apply by email.

How positive is your contribution to the #culture? Join this webinar Click To Tweet

Okay, that’s all the positive news for now! Don’t forget to register for the webinar. I hope to see you there!

Marcella Bremer, © 2018

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