Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive

Positive CultureWe can thrive at work, achieve extraordinary performance and make a meaningful contribution of the world. A pragmatic and well-researched book about organizational culture change with a foreword by Kim Cameron. The book focuses on what you can personally do to create a (more) positive culture where people and performance thrive. Based on renowned models and theories but with hands-on tips to be the change you wish to see on your team.

Whether you use Interaction Interventions or Change Circles, you can develop a positive culture where people and performance thrive.

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Developing a Positive Culture

Organizational Culture Change

Unleash your Organization in Circles of 10

Organizational Culture ChangeMany organizational change projects do not deliver promised results because their approach is too conceptual while excluding employees and their daily habits in the workplace. Here’s the new approach: include and engage people and utilize the “sticky part” of organizational culture to make change personal, pragmatic and focused on specific behaviors in circles of ten co-workers. The validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) developed by University of Michigan Professors Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn serves as a starting point for change. Bremer uses the OCAI to start the dialogue about where organizations Are and where they want to Be. She engages people to take ownership for their workplace in interactive workshops, combining personal and group learning to create a team where people are happy to work. ISBN 978-90-819825-1-1 Publisher: Kikker Groep 2012

Unleash your Organization in Circles of 10

In getting myself educated on the complex topic of Culture, one of the first books I read was “Organizational Culture Change” by Marcella Bremer. It was and still is one of the BEST pieces on this topic. I strongly recommend this book to anyone (and especially the C Suite) astute enough to know that “something has to change around here”.
During my 40 year “corporate career”, I experienced eight different corporate cultures, ranging from toxic to negative to empowering. I wish I had read Marcella’s book about 35 years ago – unfortunately about 30 years before she wrote it.
Michael Wolf, Principal Consultant CulturLogix

Culture change has always been a topic like psychology – people know of it and respect it, but often feel it’s too risky to fix themselves. With this new book, Bremer gives us a practical guide, like a cook book, for successfully creating the exact culture an organization needs to be as successful as it can be. I highly recommend this book!
Jeffrey Levy , President Janusian Insights

Marcella’s book has captured the true essence of managing and driving sustainable culture change for all areas of a company’s life cycle. It’s insightful and written in a way that practioner’s can understand and apply. And since it’s theoretical framework has credibility and validity, one doesn’t need to wonder if it will work. Thanks for the great read Marcella!
Jill Hagist MBA, Management consultant Pivotal Resources Group and Adjunct Faculty, University of Phoenix

This in an excellent book  with an unusual achievement: solid foundations and logic together with practical implications, all in one. The book is packed with ideas and ‘applications’ and in every page there is something not just to read but to reflect and imagine ‘the translation’ in a particular organizational challenge. There is a very solid model behind, of course, but one could read and learn ‘above and beyond the particular model’. Many people interested Employee Engagement will also find the book very useful and hopefully will draw conclusions about the need to switch to a bottom-up, grass roots, small groups, activism model as we orchestrate in our Viral Change™ programmes. I am sure there will be a second and third edition and most likely a great deal of conversations triggered by this excellent piece of work.
Leandro Herrero MD MBA FCMI FIoD FRSA, CEO, The Chalfont Project Ltd and Viral Change™ Global L.L.P

An easy to read, pragmatic book with best practices, business cases and an interesting overview of culture profiles from industry groups all over the world from the OCAI online database. This book focuses on the power of human behaviors in the workplace – a viewpoint that goes easily unnoticed in our (too) busy days at work. Even when you’re not a change consultant or manager, it may help gain awareness to notice the behaviors that make the difference. In my opinion this book can be used for many fields of work, including health care.
Jacob J. Ennema, M.D., Ph.D., Ennema Medical Consultancy

“Organizational culture Change” is a highly readable book on culture change within organizations. It provides a pragmatic structure with which managers and consultants can start from scratch. The book is well illustrated with case examples and a fascinating topic on the 21st century workplace. Written from the heart, it should be read by any professional in organizational culture and change management.
Frank Vogt, MBA Msc.


Positive Leadership, Culture & Change

Would you like a vibrant, energized workplace, engaged coworkers, and empowered employees? Based on the Leadership & Change Magazine Blog, Marcella Bremer shares her articles about: positive leadership (encouraging abundance and opportunities), organizational change (including everyone and allowing for unexpected, positive emergence), adaptive, agile organizations and open cultures that cultivate innovation, trust, agility, collaboration and thus results.

Praise for the Positive Collections

The majority of wirting about leadership and change is either too narrow in scope or offers answers instead of challenging questions we must struggle with to find our own resolution. Positive Leadership and Change breaks out of the pack by providing an array of perspectives that I found more provocative than instructive. Highly recommended for those who want their current perspectives stretched, not dictated to.
Daryl Conner, Chairman of Conner Partners

Bremer offers brief, user-friendly synopses of big ideas that are both insightful and practical in business settings. Each piece provides key insights into more ethical and humane modes of leadership that promote organizational health and effectiveness. I particularly enjoy the journaling questions. They elicit deep reflection and bring the concepts home. Grounded in scholarly research and presented in a style that is readable, clear, and engaging, this is a must for management scholar-practitioners.
Dr. Tonya Henderson, Gly Solutions, LLC

I live for practical and pragmatic. So does the author of Positive Leadership & Change. The articles and perspectives are both highly relevant and immediately applicable in a broad variety of situations. The nice thing is those perspectives are broken up into digestible, understandable chunks that make for easy yet effective reading.
Mike Figliuolo, managing director of ThoughtLeaders, LLC