The 21 best articles on Positive Leadership, Culture, and Change

positive leadershipHere are the 21 best articles on Positive Leadership, Culture, and Change to date…

My intention is to inspire toward positive organizations where both people and performance thrive.

Positive organizations are better at change, more innovative, competitive, profitable, and they contribute to the world – while engaged people spread their positive vibes in their private and public lives.

You can create positive ripples that energize your circles of influence regardless of your formal position. You can contribute way more than you think – whether you’re a leader, consultant, employee, or a student.

That’s why I write this blog. I am also going to share my new Positive Power book on this blog – but before we look at new intentions, let’s first look back at my best liked 21 articles to date.
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I published over a hundred “evergreen” blog posts that you may not have read yet. If you’re looking for positive reading, here’s a list of recommended reads.

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Positive Leadership articles

positive leadership
101 Leadership Quotes to inspire you: it’s always a joy to browse these pearls of wisdom.

Positive Leadership starts with one uplifting person. Will that be you?

How to apply Positive Leadership? Here’s a list of tips to apply!

Are you a giver or a taker? A plea for giving more to “positivize” your workplace.

Dare you be authentic? A reflection on current behaviors at work…

Are you present when leading? Discover what managers learned from musicians.

Position power over others versus Personal power with others – a reflection

Are you kind enough to collaborate? Empathy makes good team players and positive leaders!

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Positive Organizational Culture articles

kindness-fruitWhich culture type prevails in your workplace? The suffer, survive or thrive type?

How can organizational culture make a difference in leading change? Here’s how!

Let’s look at these three culture types – and the difference that Appreciative Inquiry makes.

Read this real case of personal development to change the culture: would you try this at work?

Positive Change and New Organization articles

make your differenceRead more about the Dutch organization Buurtzorg that reinvented how they work

How to upgrade the industrial organization? A plea to new ways of thinking and working

How can you become better at change? By engaging with what emerges instead of sticking stubbornly to your plan

How to improve the workplace and the world? Read my interview with Otto Scharmer

What is Holacracy? It’s a whole new way of organizing, as explained with a case.

The African way of reaching consensus works surprisingly well in change projects

How can you become an authentic and thus better consultant? Daryl Conner guides consultants to increase their impact.

Deep Democracy is an impressive approach to solving many issues – based on the process and personal development. Here’s an impression of how Deep Democracy can help people change.

The Collaboratory is an interesting inclusive approach to change – worth a try.

I hope you like this reading list!

By the way, if you don’t like reading separate blog posts but prefer a handy bundle you might consider the Positive Leadership & Change Collections on Kindle.


To be continued… Would you like to activate your Personal Positive Power to make your difference from any position, without needing permission or resources from others? Then stay tuned to this blog as I will blog my next book on Positive Power right here!

Happy learning!

21 must-reads on positive leadership, culture, and change! Click To Tweet

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