How do you respond to gossip?

How do you feel when someone gossips or complains about someone else? It depends, of course. It can be great to agree because it creates a feeling of bonding. “The two of us agree and it’s us against that person or that issue”. It can be such a relief to vent.

But it may not be what you’d like to do when you think of your best behavior. What would your “best possible self” do? It might feel uncomfortable, especially if the others expect you to agree. You don’t want to lecture them but you don’t want to contribute to the habit of gossip either.

Let’s see how you could respond to gossip or complaints about John. It’s important to acknowledge the others’ underlying need to vent or to bond but also to not engage in the gossip.

Instead, you could say:
“I understand how you feel and have you told this to John?”

If the other objects that John is impossible to talk with you suggest that the other bring a third person to talk with John.

Or ask: “What else could you do to help John understand how you see this issue?”

If it’s gossip, just ask: “Have you talked about this with John himself?”

Positive Agents Respond in Positive Ways

If they continue to gossip, gently but firmly say: “I understand how you feel and I don’t feel comfortable talking about people when they are not in the room. It’s best to tell John, not me.”

Does this take practice and courage? Yes, sometimes. Is it important? Yes, it’s crucial. The more positive agents respond in a positive way, the more they will make others think and change their (inter)actions.

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How could you apply this to your work and life? What do you need to abstain from joining in the gossip? How could you help yourself, the gossiper and the subject of gossip?

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  1. Basit Abbas

    Gossips are really useless, for me those who are coward do gossips because they don’t have guts to say it on face!

    1. Lee

      How do gossips contributes to people’s feeling

      1. Marcella Bremer

        It might create a bonding experience to gossip together. Can you imagine?