Ready to catch Organizational Culture?

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Did you ever "catch" organizational culture while it happened? Maybe not consciously, but you did: the culture is represented and sustained in the daily (inter)actions. What do the routine, mundane interactions within your organization tell you about the current culture? Take a look at the meetings, especially. Meetings are to…

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Personal Positive Power to develop your culture

Organizations need to become better at change, agiler, responsive to the fast pace of technology and global competition, more innovative, just, and sustainable. But they have a hard time doing so. In many organizations, people are waiting for the boss to create a vision, to solve the problems, or to…

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Can you Contribute to a Positive Culture?

Do you matter? Can you influence or change the organization where you work? How are you contributing to your team? Your colleagues and clients? Your suppliers? Can your smile make a difference or your positive attitude? I suspect many people have learned that they don’t matter outside their families and there’s…

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