Are you willing, able and ready?

But what if challenging beliefs like we discussed in the last post doesn’t work? You are willing but not fully able to be a positive agent just yet. We’re not ready. We might need to do some inner work on the level ME. Why?

Because you can’t erase your upbringing in the conventional mindset and your life experiences to date – and pretend that you weren’t betrayed, taken advantage of, hurt, abandoned, disappointed, exhausted, that you failed, and felt scarcity and fear, and so on.
You have formed beliefs about how the world works. You have some hurts that might need healing first. You need to open up for positivity to enter your world. And you can’t effectively do so when you haven’t come to terms with past hurts that still hinder you.

Inner Work

It isn’t enough to simply repeat affirmations like “There is enough for me, I am good enough, and I trust people” to eradicate deep beliefs and experiences. Affirmations are nice words, but beliefs are deeper rooted in the subconscious. Not-so-positive beliefs also function to protect you and keep you safe from future harm – they might not want to go away just like that. Reading this won’t be enough to overcome any past hurts and your armor.

But reading about, for instance, the five core wounds may help you recognize which things are still hurting or hindering you. Next, you can choose an approach to work on those beliefs that hold you back. Maybe a coach or counselor or training can be helpful. What works well is an approach that bypasses the verbal, rational mind and works with the subconscious. Thus, by transcending what is holding you back, you increase your personal positive power.

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That’s why I’d like to continue with your personal preparation in Part 3 of this blog series. In Part 1, the Introduction, we explored how you, just one person, can make a difference. In Part 2 at the level ME we explored what a positive mindset entails. This Part 3 is still about the level ME and explores what else we need to become a positive agent, in addition to a positive mindset.

What we need is Knowing Thyself. Let’s explore how you feel because your energy and emotions influence your presence and thus your personal positive power. Let’s see how open you can be, how authentic. Once we have done all that personal preparation, we are ready to work with others at the levels You and We to create positive change.

If you want to revert to the overview of this book “Personal Positive Power at Work – how to make a difference from any position” just go back to this blog post.

Last but not least, because many of us might have skeptical inner voices, I’d like to emphasize a few misunderstanding about thinking and being Positive.

The Potential of Reality

It is important to note that positive does not mean “dreaming” instead of being realistic. You are fully aware of reality. But you see something extra in addition: its potential. What could be positive possibilities that are included in this situation? It is the organic mindset that looks for growth and development.

Positive does not mean that you deny or ignore what is negative. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to hear criticism, doubts or second thoughts. You do! You encourage people to share their problems and questions and mistakes with you (instead of hiding them). That helps everyone to learn and adapt faster. But you try to hear the potential as well: the solution may be hiding in the criticism.

Positive is being aware of the whole picture but consciously choosing to reinforce the positive – that which brings inspiration, life, and energy. Not just because that is pleasant (though it is), but because it has been proven to be effective, both for individuals and teams and organizations.

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That’s why we will make it personal in the next 16 blog posts, or so. Let’s clear out the closets. Let’s face the monsters under our beds. Let’s acknowledge fear, grief, anger as well as joy, inspiration, and love. Let’s become whole and authentic so that we can be a positive agent who uplifts others (and who isn’t doing a trick and trying to fake it until he or she makes it).

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If you’re confused – please start with post #1 or check the Positive Power overview and read the Positive Agent Manifesto.

Leaders, employees, consultants, citizens – everyone can make a positive difference from any position, without needing permission or resources from others. This blog will help you see positive possibilities and (re)claim your positive agency. Unstuck yourself and engage others via your interaction and actions. Transform into a positive organization where people and performance thrive.

I’m blogging my next book: “Positive Power at Work – How to make a positive difference from any position.” Your feedback is appreciated!

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