Changes: what have you learned?

What a year it’s been! Wrapping up, I hope you can relax during the holidays and get ready for 2021. This was the year of rapid change, accelerated by the unexpected covid-19 pandemic.

What did you learn? Many of us learned to cope with uncertainty, tried to see the half-full glass, adjusted to disruptions and went out of their comfort zones. We learned to shift priorities and to let go of tight control or even micro-management. We worked from home, as autonomous professionals, juggling task, mixing home with work. We changed our habits. We re-discovered what matters most.

I hope you discovered that you are stronger than you anticipated! If you keep a positive perspective you’ll be fine.

This past year, I blogged about the (unpredictable!) future of workplaces, based on the work of Patrick Dixon and Yuval Noah Harari. Other topics were how to keep relationships at work great, understanding yourself and others (DISC personal profiles), diversity and inclusion as part of positive culture, positive research collected by Rutger Bregman, servant leadership, change leadership, and connection.


My connection post resonated with many readers: Do you have conversations that matter? How lonely do you feel? How’s your work culture? Connection is a superpower that benefits both you and your organization. It’s time to make the time!

Change and Learning Reflections

Below’s a collection of my 2020 reflections on the changes caused by Covid-19.

The Corona or Covid-19 pandemic causes disruptive change. Reflect on personal development, on what is emerging, what we can let go of, and how we contribute with kindness. This is also an opportunity to develop a caring culture at work.

The Corona pandemic calls for change. Let’s look at some practical tips to cope with the new reality of working at home, collaboration in virtual meetings, and staying positive. Strengthen a positive culture.

Now is the time to develop the Culture! Look for the positive individuals and teams in your organization – and learn from them. Build trust and relationships – and start developing your shared, meaningful purpose. What can you do?

How can you develop Change and Leadership in corona times? How can you cut costs with empathy, keep the momentum and agility from the crisis response, and build trust? What can you do?

  • What have you learned?
  • What would you like to learn in 2021? How can you make that happen?
  • What will you take with you?
  • What will you leave behind?

Let’s look forward to a year with positive change – hopefully.
Wishing you your best year yet in 2021.

© Marcella Bremer, 2020. All rights reserved.

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