Dare you time-space-matter?

As the year is drawing to a close, and we’re looking forward to a winter or summer break (depending on your part of the world) – it’s time to reflect on our experiences so far and explore our intentions for next year.
I’m not talking about New Year’s resolutions. I’m talking intentions. What do you intend to create, or let happen, next year? Intentions set the direction of your attention and your actions – and their energy. Dare you time-space-matter?

Intentions matter

For instance: the intention to double my income sets the space for another energy than the intention to serve my purpose of spreading positive leadership, culture, and change. Both intentions may include Leadership & Change Magazine – but my actions, decisions, feelings, thinking and “coincidental” events, and encounters will differ with each intention.

When I set out to double my income, I will look for ways to make more money with less effort. Reality will present me opportunities, ideas, and clues, and my intention will define what I notice around me and what I will act upon. This intention will stimulate me to notice opportunities to make money – preferably in the short run.

Whereas with my intention to serve my purpose – my energy and the flow of things happening around me will be different. The universe (or: reality) is sending me opportunities, ideas, and clues – and I will notice some of them and respond according to my intention. I’ll think of ways to spread positive leadership. This intention helps me remember that it’s about the message, not about me personally, my interests or my fear of scarcity (even though I have to make a living while making my difference).


This is “timespacemattering”: seeing everything (objects, organizations, groups, events, people, opportunities, and whatnot) as part of a dynamic, unfolding process where nothing happens in isolation. We’re in constant, connected flux.

Tonya Henderson wrote an interesting article about Being Quantum (paying members can download issue 14 to read it). For me, timespacemattering also means intentionally co-creating with this process.
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It brings magic to reality. Instead of experiencing a linear calendar year that’s already planned – where you feel stuck in schedules, structures and predictability – imagine this fascinating field full of surprises that’s lying ahead of you. It’s non-linear, it’s full of information and energies – if only you would see them… It can go in all directions – depending on your intentions and actions. You can journey as you like – but you can’t completely control or plan it.
The field will present you with people to meet – places you could be – events you may experience – the ideas that will move you. But don’t worry – you still have a free will! It won’t push random things upon you. It will present possibilities – and you are free to do with them as you like. You navigate this field with your intention.

drop-by-Paul-HocksenarThat’s reality as we know it, isn’t it? Looking back on last year, did everything go according to plan? Of course not. Were there surprises? I bet there were surprises, small or large, whether you’d like to acknowledge them or not.
You can focus on what stayed the same or happened according to plan – but you can also find small seeds that were planted – the tiny surprises that are slowly starting to take effect inside you. Or you may see huge surprises when you look back, that you could never have foreseen a year ago and couldn’t have planned for either.

It all depends on how you choose to look at the flow of events that’s continually happening. If you trust the process, and you’re able to let go of tight control, you can appreciate this journey.

I’m always curious to see how things in my life and work will evolve. I’m also fascinated when I look back. So many things that I had no idea of before manifested themselves. They happened – because I took part in the process, with my information and my energy, my intentions, and actions. I stepped into the field.

Aware of the field

Where’s that playing field? It’s here and now. It’s time and space and matter. All it needs is presence. Your awareness. Your attention will get you there – and you will start to see the possibilities. (Welcome to the Matrix 😉 But seriously – this “quantum view” offers fresh ways of looking at and working with organizations.

So, back to your New Year:

  • What is your intention?
  • What would you like to co-create with the universe?
  • Dare you time-space-matter?

Marcella Bremer co-founded this blog and ocai-online.com. She’s an author and culture & change consultant.

Waterdrop image by Paul Hocksenar

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  1. Saira Khan

    This article delivers a profound message that will resonate with everyone at some level or another, I’m sure……”It’s here and now. It’s time and space and matter. All it needs is presence. Your awareness. Your attention will get you there – and you will start to see the possibilities”. Deeply inspiring…..!