Do you believe in abundance or scarcity?

From Eisenstein’s philosophical broad view that we saw in the earlier post, let’s tune into a more practical application. When we study what the conventional mindset assumes about workplaces and employees, what comes to mind immediately is Theory X as defined by Douglas McGregor.

Theory X and Y

Theory X assumes that people:
Dislike work and will try to avoid it
Must be forced or bribed to the right effort
Prefer being directed than taking responsibility
Are motivated by money and job security
Have little creativity, except when bending the rules

Looking around your current workplace, do you see Theory X behaviors, practices and procedures? Or do you notice and apply behaviors that correspond with a positive mindset of possibilities, as described in Theory Y below?

Theory Y assumes that people:
Need work and can enjoy it
Direct themselves toward a goal they accept
Prefer responsibility
Are motivated by desire to realize their own potential
Have creativity everywhere but it is underused

Do you recognize any of these beliefs and behaviors in yourself or others around you? In which contexts do you use X or Y?

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Whatever your answer, it is okay. This is just a mindful exercise to observe and explore your current mindset. There’s no need to judge. But it’s good to know.

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