How well do you know yourself?

Research shows that you deliver your greatest contribution if you know yourself well and use your strengths and work according to your values. Here are some exercises and questions to use.

The Best Possible Self (BPS) exercise asks you to envision yourself in an imaginary future while everything turned out in the best possible way.
Writing and imagining a BPS has repeatedly been proved to increase people’s mood and well-being (King, 2001; Peters et al., 2010; Sheldon & Lyubomirsky, 2006).

Simply set a timer for 10 minutes and write down your best possible future self. Imagine that you realized your potential and achieved everything you dreamed of, using your talents and doing what you love.

Next, reflect both on how the process made you feel and on the contents. Don’t worry about the how, or listen to the inner critics, simply try to enjoy the “what”.

What are your strengths and values?

What are my strengths?
Next, ask a few other people from different contexts to assess your strengths. They can simply answer these questions:

When was I at my best?
What do you admire or appreciate about me?

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What are my values?
Research confirms what many of us know: when we live according to our values and use our strengths, we are likely to be happy.

You can write down a list of what you value and find your core values. But if that is not easy, you can use a list of core values to refresh your memory – you can find them if you google it.

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  1. Jean Debrosse

    Marcella, I do love your notes: Well structured, to the point, mostly inspiring and very practical.
    Reflecting on your thoughts , and then applying them in daily life is powerfull and easy. Thanks

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