Midsummer blogs part 1

I hope you can take some time off this summer and spend it with your loved ones and activities you love! This is a great time for reflection and relaxation so you may emerge refreshed and inspired in September.
Whether it’s vacation or staycation this year – what are you reading? Here are some midsummer blogs for you to consider:

Lead Change group: every work day a new, thorough blog piece by a different author. It’s a great collection and highly recommended!

People matter. Without quality interpersonal skills and healthy human interaction, no business or organization can succeed. This is a blog about people-centered leadership.

Harley Lovegrove runs an outsourcing supply business with the founding principle that ‘excellence can only be achieved by working with people that are 100% connected to what they do, both intellectually and emotionally’. He’s also an author, blogger and change management lecturer. This blog is about all things change, leadership and culture.

A lovely blog with “reflections at the edge of self-knowledge” by leadership consultant Dan Oestrich. A beautiful reflection spot on the crazy busy Internet. Spend at least some time here….

Jonathan Pearson is a millennial determined to leave the world in better shape than he found it. He heard God’s call to move on faith to Orangeburg, S.C. and get involved in Cornerstone Community Church. He now serves as Connections Pastor for Springwell Church in Taylors, S.C. I can appreciate these reflective pieces though I am not church-going myself.

Enjoy! Did I miss a great, thoughtful blog? Please let me know in the comments!


This is a Summer post.

Marcella Bremer is blogging her next book: “Positive Power at Work – How to make a positive difference from any position.” She will resume this series in September 2017.
In the meantime, to catch up reading – start with post #1 or check the Positive Power overview and read the Positive Agent Manifesto.

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      The pleasure is mine! Keep up the good work, Jonathan. Best, Marcella

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