Do you want to make a Positive Difference?

kim-cameron-quote2Do you want a positive difference? If your answer is yes, positive leadership is your starting point. Positive leadership aims for the highest potential of an organization – instead of returning to “normal” after solving a problem it inspires people to go even further, into the realm of “positive deviance”. It often supports people to deliver beyond and above expectations.

That’s exciting, right?

But it doesn’t mean “pushing for positive performance”. It means enticing people to give their best because you are kind, open, trusting, compassionate and supportive. You are a positive leader when you are virtuous and optimistic. Professor Kim Cameron did extensive research and the evidence is clear: if you implement virtuousness, organizational performance goes up.

Cameron’s interest in positive leadership began when the studied downsizing: almost all of the organizations that downsize deteriorate in performance. But 10-15% of organizations tend to flourish after downsizing! So, what was the difference between those who flourished and those who deteriorated?
It turned out to be organizational virtuousness – enhanced by positive leadership.

Positive leadership makes a difference and the good news is that it’s not so hard to do! Do you want to learn more so you can lift your team, organization or client? Then I have even better news for you.

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  • Find out how to practice positive leadership.
  • Connect with your coworkers by asking the right questions.
  • Learn to be generous at work without asking anything in return and see how that influences your organization.
  • Focus on a few things – and get more done while you eliminate stress!
  • Join the global classroom by Otto Scharmer: How can you act for the well-being of the whole organization – and beyond?
  • Find inspiration in a case study of personal development at work.
  • Reflect on feedback, judging and the courage to choose – in three short articles for reflection.

Are you willing to energize and engage your workplace to boost results? “Positive Leadership, Culture & Change articles, collection 1” offers you these pragmatic, personal and positive leadership articles to learn more and to apply what you read.

Based on Leadership & Change Magazine, we keep you updated on positive leadership (encouraging abundance and opportunities), organizational change (including everyone and allowing for unexpected, positive emergence) and open cultures that cultivate innovation, trust, agility, collaboration and thus results.

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