The power of purpose

You probably know the story of three masons chipping chunks of granite from large blocks. When a bypasser asked what they were doing, the first Mason said: “I’m cutting stones”.
The second man replied: “I am building a wall.”
The third, who was humming a tune as he worked, smiled, “I am building a cathedral!”

Job, career, or calling?

That aligns with Lyubomirsky’s research who found three mindsets about work: people can see work as a job, a career or a calling.

The job viewpoint: people watch the clock because work is just their way to make a living.

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People who want to achieve something and climb the ladder, have a career viewpoint. Rather than watching the clock, they watch the calendar to determine their progress.

People who have a calling want to make a difference. They love what they do and do what they love. They neither watch the clock or the calendar, but they have a sense of urgency: it’s about time for positive change!


It’s no surprise that this third group is prone to positivity. People with a calling are scattered over all positions. Janitors and bus drivers can have a calling while CEOs can experience their work as a job to pay the bills.

As Daniel Pink concluded: what drives modern people is mastery, autonomy, and purpose. Frederic Laloux calls “purpose” one of the three breakthroughs of Teal organizations (next to self-management and wholeness/authenticity at work).

Yes, purpose matters.

What is your team’s or organization’s shared purpose? How could you leverage the positive drive that purpose gives?

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