What does your body say?

If you suspect that you might need to clean up some emotional issues before you can be an authentic person at work – Steve Sisgold is your man. In his practical book What is your body telling you? he shares many exercises to tap into the wisdom of your body and your inner knowing. We cannot embody positivity if we ignore the body. You may be too tired – and radiate that. Or you don’t feel confident and hopeful – and your posture and nonverbal communication will “give you away”, regardless of your positive speech. We always communicate with our bodies by being present. This is very important to being congruent and authentic – and to uplift others. If you are not congruent, people will not trust and follow you.
Sisgold says: “Your body is your ally.”

Your body is your ally

Sisgold argues that our culture values thinking over feeling, reason over gut-knowing. We have been trained to use the mind and suppress our feelings to fit in. It was often disapproved when you expressed emotional or physical discomfort as a child. We have learned to hold back to be well-behaved – and to be perceived as a rational professional (instead of an unstable emotional being). Many people have also learned to hold back when they feel happy and energized – which might sabotage your life and work.

As a bare minimum to managing your energy and emotions, Sisgold recommends breathing consciously twice a day. In an interview, he told me:

“It makes a difference when you take a deep breath and unplug from everything twice a day (and maybe notice: “Wow, I’m nervous about that meeting”). Breathing helps to go from the sympathetic nervous system, being up in your chest and alert, to down in your belly and the parasympathetic nervous system. It is stress release! More oxygen to the brain. More creativity. More awareness and mindful observation. Just take a couple of deep, conscious breaths – it is quick and effective.

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Next, you can take it further. In time you will get more access to the body’s wisdom and you can even ask questions and notice the inner response. “Should I do this investment, yes or no?” Consult your body. Access this inner knowing and feel before you decide.”

* What does your body tell you? Try to breathe consciously twice a day.

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