What are you grateful for?

Gratitude has been found to increase individual and group performance and leads to positive behaviors. Paying gratitude visits (to say thank you), writing gratitude letters and keeping a gratitude journal are scientifically proven to work.

The practice of keeping a gratitude journal is quite simple.
Get a notebook and write down three things that you were grateful for this day. If that’s too much, describe five things per week. It works best if you make them specific. “I am grateful that Cynthia brought me coffee this morning” has more effect than “helpful coworkers”.

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is proven to increase positivity and mindfulness and reduce stress, pain and anxiety. Meditate for at least five minutes a day and if you keep up the habit you rewire your brain to make yourself feel more positive. There are countless apps to help you meditate.

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Simply follow your breath as you inhale air through the nostrils or mouth and into your lungs, and as you exhale again. Feel your chest rise and fall and your belly expand and contract.
Next, you scan your whole body. How does it feel? Become aware and try to release any tension you may feel.

Scan your whole body. How does it feel? Become aware and try to release any tension you may feel Click To Tweet

Meditation trains you to observe what happens, including thoughts and emotions, without becoming those thoughts or emotions – and losing yourself in the process. You are the observer, you are safe, and you are in control.

I look forward to hearing what you are grateful of… Feel free to share in the comments below. And, do you manage to meditate once a day even if it is short? That is a challenge for me, the busy writing bee….

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