What’s your emotion ratio?

How do you feel? But how you feel is crucial to developing a positive culture. You cannot fake it till you make it – as the saying goes. People have a radar for authenticity and if you don’t regularly experience positive emotions – you cannot “be the change” and embody positive leadership.

What’s your emotion ratio?
Barbara Frederickson’s research found that it’s ideal to have three positive emotions for every negative one and that we can train ourselves to feel more positive.

Increase your positivity ratio

Negative emotions have more impact than positive ones because they were important to survival in the past. It can be vital to notice what is wrong, scary, threatening and to fight or flight. Unfortunately, this leads to an imbalance in our emotion ratio – we tend to perceive the world more negative than it is. As we saw in Chapter 2, a positive mindset might help you see more realistic…

Frederickson recommends increasing your positivity ratio to 3:1 so you experience three positive emotions for every negative emotion.
The majority has a 2:1 ratio and feel discontent while depressed people experience a 1:1 ratio or less.

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* What is your emotion ratio?

A simple way to increase your ratio is to develop habits that make you feel good. What do you like? Do more of it!
Happiness research shows that people like to socialize, enjoy nature, do something creative, contribute to the greater good, etc

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