What is your Purpose?

You might have an idea of your big Why, your drive or purpose.
What is the legacy you would like to leave? What is your contribution that you love to give, your strengths, values, and criteria? So, what is your purpose?

Next, write down your vision and mission statement: an intention of who you want to be and how you want to behave in different contexts in your life and the difference you want to make. You can also create a mood board with images that exemplify your purpose.

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By the way, thinking and verbalization are not the only and not always the best ways to “know thyself”. Intuition, images, painting, movement, non-verbal postures, metaphors, meditation, stories, hypnosis, lucid dreaming, spatial exercises with role enactment – these are other approaches to answer these crucial questions: Who am I? And what is my Work?

Do you know your purpose and values?

My work is what I do for a living – says Otto Scharmer. My Work with a capital is my purpose. The Presencing Institute website shares some exercises with a combination of verbalization and imagination and intuition as described in Theory U.
When you know your purpose and values, you might feel more courageous to be the change you wish to see – or to ask that uncomfortable question or to speak truth to power – because you know your Why. Your Why is worth the discomfort or the risk when you deviate from the group norm or culture.

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